About Us

As small business owners, residents, and advocates for downtown, we believe food trucks operating with specific regulations would add lively new options in downtown, encourage entrepreneurship and attract young professionals.

Food trucks, with their affordable start-up costs and flexible menus, have a demonstrated ability to turn mobile kitchens into bricks and mortar restaurants, providing a path to success for new entrepreneurs.  They would showcase our community’s cultural diversity in addition to providing much needed jobs.  Consultants from the Cooper Carry Center for Connective Architecture, in a June 12 report on opportunities in downtown Greensboro, recommended using food trucks as an incubator program for permanent new tenants on Elm Street.

The Triangle cities of North Carolina have thriving food truck communities in their center cities.  They each have individual approaches and have worked with downtown business owners, residents and employees to make the regulations fair and mutually beneficial.  Our resource page includes a chart comparing the regulations for food truck operation in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill that we hope will be helpful in revising the current regulations and creating a more inclusive and fertile ground for food trucks in downtown Greensboro.

We hope this website can be a platform of information on food trucks, their potential positive impact on Downtown Greensboro and our progress. Please stay in touch, attend events with food trucks and spread the word!


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