Council Approves 6 Month Review


City Council has approved changes to ordinances regulating mobile food vendors for an evaluation period of six months, beginning December 1, 2012.

Where and when food trucks may operate:

  • Must be located on private property with written permission from property owner
  • Allowed in zoning districts Central Business (CB), Commercial-Medium
    (C-H), Commercial-Heavy (C-H), Light Industrial (LI), Heavy Industrial (HI), Public & Institutional (PI)
  • Allowed at permitted special events and on active construction sites
  • Not allowed 50 feet from the main entrance of any restaurants during business hours unless authorized by a restaurant to be closer
  • Not allowed less than five feet from driveways, sidewalks, utility boxes, handicap ramps, building entrances or exits, or emergency call boxes
  • Only one truck is permitted per half-acre zoned lot; up to two trucks are permitted per zoned lot between a half and one acre in size; up to three trucks are permitted per zoned lot larger than one acre in size
  • Must not operate between 3-7 am.

Thanks to all who made this happen! We will be in touch as trucks find locations in Downtown! Stay tuned!


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