The Skinny on Proposed Food Truck Ordinances

Wednesday night, November 7th, at the Melvin Municipal Building around 7ish (or later), the Greensboro City Council will hold a Public Hearing and VOTE on NEW Truck Truck Ordinances in Downtown Greensboro. We’ve outlined the important details of these new rules below.

We’ve come a long way since August and we are pleased with the proposed changes. They are in-line with community food truck regulations across the state. They are fair to both start-up entrepreneurs, food truck owners, brick & mortar restaurants, hungry citizens and visitors. While the fun of the Commerce Pilot Program will wrap-up on November 30th, these new proposed changes will allow our community move forward with new and inclusive regulations that will allow food trucks to thrive in our Center City — and make our Center City more vibrant and attractive.

We need to take time to thank our City Council members – especially Nancy Vaughn and Nancy Hoffmann – for helping lead and guide a deliberation and research process, pilot program and public input program that allowed a diverse community to get involved and share their voices.  Greensboro’s young people showed their interest and support through online messaging, showing their faces and dollars – and we hope that this process will be an model of inclusive (and fun!) civic engagement moving forward. Greensboro has important work to do to make our City more attractive, hip and welcoming to young people.  Let’s keep this ball rolling…

We hope you’ll come to the meeting and support the new regulation. Thanks to our friends at Civic Threads, we’ll have “Let’s Roll Food Trucks into Downtown Greensboro” t-shirts for FREE if you come out (shirts are limited). Prepare a speech or just come show you’re face. This is the time to push these changes through!


To enable motorized food trucks in the Central Business District permanently Greensboro Code of Ordinance Changes Needed:

  • Chapter 30- Land Development Ordinance
  • Sections of Chapter 26 and Chapter 13

Changes include:

  • Allowing motorized mobile food vendors on property zoned Central Business
  • Allowing motorized mobile food vendors on property zoned Public and Institutional

Important details on the ordinance changes include:

Motorized Food Trucks must be on private property. Property must be zoned “Medium or High Commercial,” “Light or Heavy Industrial” or “Central Business.”

Permitted Trucks per Private Property: 0 to 1/2 acre:  1 truck; ½ to 1 acres: 2 trucks;and1 acres +: 3 trucks. Trucks are not permitted on sidewalk or in required parking

Ordinance changes enable units in Public and Institutional Zoned areas. Meaning, College/University Campuses may have food trucks if their institutions permit them.

Permitted Food Truck Locations

  • 50 feet from main entrance of restaurant during business hours
  • 5 feet from driveway, sidewalk, utility box, handicap ramp, building entrance or exit, or emergency call box

• Ensuring adherence to the current standards for outdoor lighting and noise



2 responses to “The Skinny on Proposed Food Truck Ordinances

  1. It’s unclear to me from your summary what the future of food trucks would be on public streets. It seems to say private only. Can you clarify?

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