Food Truck Fan: Alexa Bird

We’re reporting LIVE from tonight’s Greensboro City Council meeting! It’s super soggy out tonight and food truck fans are cozy inside the Greensboro City Council Chambers. Council will soon vote on a proposed resolution for a October-long pilot Food Truck program on Commerce Place in Downtown Greensboro. We have a great line up of speakers – including the youngest food truck fan, Alexa Bird. 

While watching TV this summer, Alexa asked her mom why the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race wouldn’t come to Greensboro. Alexa’s mom, Amy, told her that food trucks weren’t permitted in Downtown Greensboro and not to get her hopes up. With the most outgoing and charismatic spirit, Alexa got involved in our effort by attending last week’s Downtown Residents Association meeting.

Alexa is a first grader at New Garden Friends School and a Downtown Greensboro resident. She lives in Southside with her parent’s Steve and Amy.  Her favorite restaurant is Dame’s Chicken and Waffles and her favorite food truck is The Ice Queen (who is here at the meeting tonight!). She admits that she likes Dame’s Chicken and Waffles “an inch” more than food trucks.

Tonight she is planning to address City Council and let them know that she wants food trucks in Downtown Greensboro. She’s written her speech out in preparation. She hopes that this change will bring more food trucks to her neighborhood – possibly with her favorite foods – pizza, salad, cheeseburgers and sushi!

When we informed Alexa it might be an hour before City Council addressed food trucks, she said “that’s as long as my nap!” She admits she is nervous but also excited about speaking. “It’s like the first day of school but I’m on stage!” she said.

Watch Alexa LIVE on Channel 13 tonight!


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