The Details: Tuesday’s Food Truck Pilot Resolution

This coming Tuesday, Greensboro’s City Council will vote on a “resolution to encourage Food Truck access to Downtown Greensboro during the month of October.” The resolution is 25th on the agenda. We hope you’ll pay attention to this important step in our efforts either through attending the meeting or watching on Channel 13.

Here are the details on the proposed resolution: 

The food truck pilot will take place Monday-Friday during the month of October in Downtown Greensboro on Commerce Place between Bellemeade Street and Sternberger Place. Lunch sessions will occur from 10AM to 3PM and dinner sessions from 5PM – 10PM. There will be 4 spots available during each session for mobile food units that meet specifications and criteria set forth in the application to participate. There will be a total over 184 spots available for designation over the one month timeframe.

All applicants must be permitted through Guilford County Health Department and have obtained a City privilege license. Each vendor will be required to pay $20.00 per assigned day which enable the city to recoup associated expenses. The city anticipates a total of $3,600 in expenses for the pilot – which will be recouped through the pilot fees.

To read the entire resolution and the requirements for those interested in participating, click here. 

We are excited about the opportunity to evaluate the impact of food trucks in Downtown Greensboro through this process. This week we confirmed that Marianne Legreco, a professor of Health Communications, Research and Food Policy at UNCG, has offered to provide observational and interview data collection during the October pilot. Marianne is already in the process of doing academic research on the impact of food trucks and this adds another level to the metrics for our effort.

This is a fair way to measure the impact of food trucks in Downtown. We hope the Council will support this resolution on Tuesday.


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