Food Truck Fan: Lynne Gray

“I moved to Greensboro from Austin, Texas, where food trucks are and have been a popular part of the landscape for years.  I work downtown and bring my lunch about 95% of the time because I prefer to walk during my lunch hour to spending time in a restaurant.  If I could buy a tasty, quick bite from a food truck, I’d consider that a real enhancement not only to my lunch options but also to downtown Greensboro.  The addition of food trucks to downtown Greensboro would elevate Greensboro’s downtown to the level of any other downtown in the country.”
Lynne Gray has been fortunate enough to grow up in Texas and live in San Francisco, St. Paul and Greensboro, all because many years ago she took a job at The University of Texas Law School that paid $4 per month more than the other job she was offered when she moved to Austin, Texas.  That choice led her into legal secretary-hood and as we all know there are lawyers all across the country.  Lynne has worked for a number of them.  In addition to work, Lynne is an avid quilter, reader, bird watcher and Quaker.  She lives with Kate, Colby and Sydney, her three feline friends.

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