Food Trucks Could Spice Up Downtown Cuisine

Very few cities of our size have a more vibrant or diverse immigrant population than Greensboro. According to the Center for New North Carolinians, 60,000 people in Greensboro live in immigrant families or families that speak a language other than English at home. Over 150 languages are spoken in our school system. While we can enjoy their traditions throughout Greensboro at various ethnic restaurants – they are few and far between in the Center City.

A tasty showcase of our diversity is showcased at Fanta City on West Market Street. In the tiny storefronts that line the shopping center. There, you can visit the Purple Yam Filipino restaurant, taste Vietnamese at Tu Quyn, sample 25 kinds of sweet rice cakes at Yae Ga Korean Rice Cake shop, buy  a hefty tray of homemade tofu seasoned with lemongrass and chili peppers for only four dollars at D&H Tofu Factory, eat Salvadoran at Los Cobanos and pick up homemade potato and pea samosas at the Indu Convenience Store.

With thousands of refugees and immigrants that have made Greensboro home – could we leverage of community’s diversity to brand our downtown as a culinary destination? Meanwhile helping to create new small businesses and jobs. Food for thought.


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