Food Truck Fan: Mindy Oakley

“I wholeheartedly support the addition of food trucks to our dining scene in downtown Greensboro. Food trucks will get more people downtown to explore, keep more people who work downtown local for lunch, and improve the vitality of downtown on the whole. Limiting our food options because we are fearful of the unknown will limit Greensboro’s growth overall. A vibrant, exciting downtown has been a key element of Greensboro’s future. Food trucks are not the only solution to the continued revitalization of downtown – but are most certainly a part of it!” Mindy Oakley

Mindy Oakley is the COO and Vice President of Philanthropic Services at the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro. After playing in San Francisco after college and earning her MBA in Boston, Mindy knows about cities with thriving urban centers. She now proudly calls Greensboro home and works daily to enhance the footprint of downtown by working with the Community Foundation Public Art Endowment and the Future Fund and serving on the boards of both Triad Stage and the Greensboro Children’s Museum.

You’ll find Mindy buzzing through the streets of downtown Greensboro by day and eating big scoops of ice cream at Cheesecake’s by Alex with her kids by night.


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