Food Truck Profile: 1618 On Location

You can find 1618 On Location, a mobile kitchen, hidden behind their Wine Lounge on Battleground Avenue. The kitchen is a new addition to the Lounge space, after a decision with which the owners toyed – a financially burdening kitchen renovation or a smaller investment in a kitchen trailer that could both feed their bar patrons and cater events. They took a risk that is beginning to pay off by turning 100 plates a night on Lawndale and the potential of expanding their catering to corporate parking lots for lunch service.

The 1618 Mobile Kitchen is made up of a pair of budding gastronomists preparing snazzed-up versions of our favorite bar food guilty pleasures. From fried calamari to tuna tacos, pomme frites and chicken wings, they are cooking everything from scratch and weaning young folks from asking for hot dogs.

You can eat from the truck six nights a week on Battleground – and at special events around the city. Mark your calendar for the Spring Garden Food Truck Festival on Sunday, September 23rd at Spring Garden and Chapman Streets in Greensboro. Details here.


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