Food Truck Fan: Donovan McKnight

“It seems more and more that food culture is becoming a kind of barometer for towns. When people travel or are doing simple research on a town, one of the first sources they look to is the dining apps like Urbanspoon or Yelp. Very quickly people can get an indication of a place by what kind of food is available. With this in mind, where is Greensboro on this food spectrum? Where do we want to be? I think food trucks could be a great way to raise the bar for food culture in Greensboro, and, in turn, create excitement around our burgeoning city. 

I think patrons really enjoy the simple economics of food trucks. From a socio-economic perspective, I think food trucks offer excellent and accessible opportunities for entrepreneurship, especially for immigrants, who often produce the most interesting food. 

In my travels, I’ve seen food trucks become a real sense of pride for communities. In the same way locals wave the flag of their favorite art museum or park, I’ve seen communities talking about their food trucks. 

They are such nimble little nodes where people come together. I’ll see a few trucks and picnic tables in a vacant lot in a quiet residential neighborhood, as well as rows of trucks lining a small street in the bustling downtown area.” Donovan McKnight

Donovan McKnight is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and is a currently a Masters candidate in the Liberal Studies program.  He is co-director of the nonprofit Face to Face Greensboro, a community-based organization that creates public events geared toward person-to-person interaction and collective enlightenment through conversation. McKnight is also co-director of Spare Room, an artist-run initiative that nomadically facilitates opportunities in open spaces for emerging artists, makers, and thinkers. He is also co-director of the Super G Experiential Residency Program set in the flea market area of an international supermarket in Greensboro, NC.

Donovan lives, works and plays in Downtown Greensboro. Find him on the street and chat about his passion for bringing food trucks into Downtown!


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